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Toupees / Hairpieces

A toupee is a type of hairpiece that is usually much shorter than a wig, individually fitted to the wearer and intended to cover areas of thinning or receding hair.

Toupees can be made of genuine human hair (“Remy Hair”) or artificial/synthetic hair, and they are made according to the design specifications of the individual that will be wearing the toupee. These toupee design specifications typically include hair type, hair color, parting style and hair length.

Custom-fitted high quality toupee hair systems - such as our Hollywood Hair toupees - can appear to be very natural looking and almost undetectable by others. However, a poorly made toupee or a toupee that has been poorly fitter to the individual may look unnatural, e.g., the flow of the hair looks does not look correct, or the toupee’s lining may be visible and thus reveal the presence of a toupee.